Jim on the Issues

The Declaration of Independence made it clear that the singular purpose of government, which derives its authority from the consent of the governed, is to preserve and protect our three basic God-given rights; Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.


  • Human dignity demands that we promote a culture of life
  • Adoption needs to be encouraged and more families recruited to participate
  • Strong families are resilient and the foundation of prosperity in any culture.
  • Our seniors ought to be respected, valued and protected.



  • Our First Amendment rights are the basis of our freedom and must be upheld
  • Protecting our freedom requires defending our constitutional right to bear arms
  • Law enforcement is essential to law and order and must be supported


Pursuit of Happiness

  • Lower taxes mean you keep more of what you earn for you and your family
  • Removing excessive government regulations creates jobs and stimulates the economy
  • A quality education develops God-given potential and delivers more opportunities
  • Incentivize the conservation of Florida’s natural resources for our enjoyment and appreciation

Standing up for our unique and time-honored American values, moving forward with a sense of purpose, and remaining optimistic for a bright future with hope and opportunity.